Savitsky Farm / How are we different?

There are many options for CSA shares in the area but at Savitsky Farm, where we grow a large number of vegetables, fruits, herbs, & edible flowers, with many different varieties among them, we offer flexibility not only in our share options but also in the time you have to pick up your share (3 different days available).  Our large & everchanging variety throughout the season promises you a wonderful experience while eating healthy local produce, enjoying some of your favorites & trying new things as well, everything will be picked at peak freshness only a couple of hours or less before your pick up time not to mention our prices are the most competitive in the area. While other local CSA's supplement their harvest with produce from other farms,  We grow everything that we offer (except for blueberries)!  We will also offer additional items (add-ons) for sale whether it be from our farm, Cato Corner Cheese, blueberries from a local grower, honey from a local producer, etc.,  Recipes will be provided each week and our friendly farmers & farm hands will be able to answer any questions that you may have about any of the produce, the farm, etc. and an easy to use webpage to place an order each week, ask any questions, look for recipes, & more!