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Mustard Greens

Posted on by Jason Savitsky

What the heck are mustard greens? Mustard greens are kale's spicy cousins.  There are many varieties although we only grow 4 of them.  They can be eaten raw in salads, sandwiches, etc. or cooked.  They lose some of their spiciness when they are cooked.  My favorite way to prepare them is my go to for most large greens; sauteing them with olive oil & garlic.  Our garlic isn't quite ready this week (probably 2 weeks away) but I've included leeks in your share this week so that you can use them with your greens.  You may want to add some garlic or onion as well.  Also, leeks can get a bit dirty on the inside due to the way they are grown, so make sure you take apart the layers and then rinse to get most of the dirt off of them.  Thank you and enjoy your first week's share!!!

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